10 Great DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

thanksgivingHow many of you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year? (Raises hand). I actually love this holiday — it's all about cooking and baking and eating and relaxing in front of the TV, watching football with a fire roaring in the fireplace. There's no pressure to buy and wrap presents, and since we host the dinner at our house, there's nowhere else we need to be! It is the most relaxing and enjoyable holiday of the year (to me anyway)!

Aside from all of the deliciousness that will be coming out of the kitchen, I also like to take some time the week before Thanksgiving to decorate my home and plan the holiday tabletop decorations, too! I like to keep things simple and homemade, and I especially like to reinforce the theme of gratitude. We have so much to be grateful for, so let's celebrate it with 10 Great DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas!

#1 Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups

Kristyn from ‘Lil Luna (who just gave birth to her fifth little one in October!) came up with this great idea for Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups to hold crayons so the kids have something to do while they're waiting for the turkey to be served! You can also download some free pilgrim coloring pages at the bottom of her post!

#2 Oreo Turkeys

When my kids and I saw these adorable Oreo Turkeys made by the girls over at Our Best Bites a few years ago, well, we had to make them for our own Thanksgiving table! And they've become an annual tradition ever since!

#3 Mayflower Centerpiece

This might look complicated, but Amanda from Amanda's Parties To Go has the free printable templates for the Mayflower Centerpieces right in her post, so all you need to do is to print them at home and assemble. I made these with my own kids and they came out so cute!

#4 Gratitude Tree

Marie from Blooming Homestead came up with simple yet pretty way to reinforce the spirit of thankfulness on this holiday with her paper Gratitude Tree.

#5 Be Thankful Utensil Holders

The girls over at Eighteen25 made these great printable Be Thankful Utensil Holders. You can download them in black and white and give them to the kids to color as a project, or you can download the color versions and just fold and adhere with either a quick stitch down the side or with a strong adhesive.

#6 Turkey Ticket

Natalie from Let's Get Together has a great idea to really get your kids to spend some time thinking about all that they are thankful for this year. A few weeks before Thanksgiving, you share these “turkey tickets” with your kids and tell them that before they can come to the table on Thanksgiving they have to fill them out. Little do they realize that their gratitude list will need to be a long one! Check out this long-standing tradition in the Let's Get Together family!

#7 Tin Can Decor

I love this simple yet beautiful idea from the ladies over at Little Yellow Barn— a stenciled thankful display made out of tin cans! I think I would stencil the lettering on both sides of the can so I could display it on my dining room table as part of my centerpiece!

#8 Turkey Hunt

This is a great way to keep kids busy and run off some excess energy after the meal: a Turkey scavenger hunt! Jenny from Bloom Designs has the free printables in her post for the game card and pieces!

#9 Washi Tape Turkeys

This is a great craft idea you can do with your kids to decorate the Thanksgiving table: Washi Tape Turkeys made of pine cones and craft sticks! Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous gives you the low-down on how to create these adorable critters.

#10 The Thankful Tree

I am in love with this Thankful Tree made by Emily Rose over at Simply Vintage Girl! You can make the wooden chalkboard tags yourself or buy some pre-made at Emily's Etsy shop. This is so simple yet beautiful!

Image via Flickr/John Morgan