4 Family-Friendly Spring Activities You Haven’t Tried Yet

In most parts of the country, spring has officially sprung. As the weather warms up you’ll probably want to get outside and into your city with your family. This spring, instead of heading to the same old parks and playgrounds you frequented last year, change it up by trying out some brand new family-friendly activities in your area. Check out the list below for family-friendly activities you probably haven't tried yet!

Visit a farmers market

Farmers markets are a great place to do your weekly shopping but, in addition to fresh meat, produce, and baked goods, many offer lots of fun activities geared towards children and young families. This spring take a look around your community and try out of of the local farmers markets your area has to offer. While you’re there, consider letting your little one make and check off a shopping list, ask the vendors and farmers questions, and try and buy at east one new food.

Check out the local art museum

Even small towns often have some sort of art museum. While you might think of museums as quiet places that are geared towards adults, museums are increasingly offering activities and installations geared specifically to children. Check out your list of local museums and ask around to find out which ones might be particularly kid-friendly.

spring activities

Image via Pexels/ Singkham

Take a trip to a brewery

Even though drinking is a central activity at most breweries, many are very family friendly during the day time hours. Brewers with playgrounds, play spaces, and toys are all common in larger cities and, even in smaller towns, many now offer activities for young children. While you might not be able to relax like you would if you were visiting kid-free, you can still enjoy spending time with friends at a brewery as your kids play happily nearby.

Try out a food truck rally

Instead of trying out the newest restaurant in town (and risking a mid-meal tantrum) consider checking out your area’s local food truck scene. Many areas now offer weekend food truck rallies at family-friendly venues. With a range of trucks to order from you and your kids will be able to get exactly what you want to eat and, without the pressure of indoor fine dining, you’ll be able to relax and let your kids enjoy their fantastic meal picnic style.