5 Fun Mom-Toddler Date Ideas

toddlerThe first year of motherhood is full of new things – whether they're thrilling (like all the mobility milestones) or just plain gross (moms of babies who just started solids will know what I mean), it's a heady time.

As much as I loved the first year, I'm excited for year two. In the second year, babies can now walk, are starting to talk, and everything in their world is exploding with things to explore, and places to go.

I love dates with my children, and here are the top 5 mom-toddler dates I enjoy. I hope you do too!

Play at the indoor gym

Two words: Ball pit. The kids LOVE them, and you don't have to pick up endless plastic balls in your own home. It has provided tons of fun for both of my boys.

Go swimming

It's summertime, so what better way to cool off than in the pool? My children are natural water kids, neither was afraid and both loved it. I do suggest that this activity has to be closely supervised. Do not take your eyes off the children at any point.

Have a picnic

Another great way to enjoy the warmer weather? A fun picnic. If your toddler is old enough to help in the kitchen, enlist them to help pack sandwiches, snack bars, juice boxes, and water into a picnic basket. You don't have to go far – you can picnic right in your backyard! It's a great way to mix your day up a little by lunching outside.

Head to a petting zoo

Children are so uninhibited around animals. It's a fun way to introduce different types of animals to the kids in a safe, controlled environment. Do pack wet wipes though, you don't want them to touch the animals and then touch food or their faces.

Eat out

I like to break routine occasionally, by taking the children out for a meal. And mom needs a break too – who can say no to a hot meal cooked by someone else?

What are your favorite mom-toddler dates?

Image via Flickr/Eduardo Merille