The Ultimate List of Savings Apps You Should Be Using

Saving money is something on the minds of every parent. We polled parents around the country to find out their favorite savings apps to save and earn cash back that really work.

Ebates:  This is one of the most popular savings apps out there, in part because it's so easy to use. Select a credit card to add to your Ebates account, find an offer through the Ebates website or app, and link it to your card. Just use the card you selected to make your purchase— the cash back you earn will be automatically added to your account.

Ibotta: Register on the app and browse for what you want to buy. Once you decide to make a purchase you will be given a task to do to earn money back, such as reading a fact or participating in a quick poll. Once you have bought the item, provide proof of purchase to Ibotta and earn your cash back. Proof of purchase can be provided in various ways including linking a loyalty card or scanning the barcode and taking a photo of your receipt.

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Checkout 51:  On this app, offers for groceries update every Thursday. Check the ones that interest you, send a copy of your receipt once you have gone shopping, then collect your cash back every time you earn $20.00 cash back.

CoinOut:  CoinOut was featured on Shark Tank. It was created with the goal of being the most simple reward app to use. With this app, scan all of your receipts and get a randomized reward for every one. Then, start shopping through the app at stores like Walmart and eBay to get more rewards.

Shopkick: If you like variety, you will love Shopkick.  This app offers so many ways to earn credits towards gift cards, ranging from just walking into a store to making purchases with a linked card to watching videos and scanning receipts. Many users say they earn about a gift card a week.

VeryDice: Start with 50 free rolls of the dice to earn tickets just like you do with arcade games. After that, you earn more free rolls by spinning a wheel once a day and completing tasks like taking surveys or signing up for free trials. Once you have enough tickets you can trade them in for products or gift cards.

Dosh: Want easy money? Dosh is the answer. With this app, you literally just link your credit card to the app and start earning. That's it. Once your card is linked to the app you get a credit to your account with every purchase from an impressive list of participating merchants. The only catch is that you can't cash out until you reach $25.00 but if you are a frequent shopper you will get there quickly.

Groupon:  You've probably heard of this one already, but if you haven't checked it lately you should. It's easy to check what's available in your area and to sort by category. Check here before you head out to dinner or make weekend plans to see if there are any specials nearby.

What are your favorite savings apps?  Share them with us below.